Company Profile

Computer Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai million order was established in April 2001, is specialized in computer software development, Internet-services, network integration for the industry of high-tech enterprises, the Shanghai Medical Insurance Information Center designated supplier of medical software systems one, now has hospitals, pharmacies various medical institutions, more than 800 users. The company has streamlined engineering and technical personnel more than 60 people total, including 10 systems analyst, senior programmer 15 people, 10 people system testers, technical support, 25 people, mostly from the domestic first-class universities.

Founded's mission is to become doctors, medicine and information technology industry leader in intelligent products by providing innovative information technology, knowledge and integration solutions to greatly improve health, medicine industry, the quality and efficiency of the system, improve managers, producers, decision-making ability and productivity.

Wan order to make China's strategy is a master of the health information industry and integrators, through resource integration and innovation, cutting-edge information technology in management and production practices. The company has strong heterogeneous integration, data processing and mining and knowledge management and other core technology to enhance the hospital and pharmacy management process efficiency, greatly enhance the cross-industry chain drug information management capabilities, to achieve effective regional medical resource sharing and optimize the use, helping to provide high quality personalized residents' health services.

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